Ferma SA acquires blast cleaning equipment EST 15×20 – 12TR20HP

Soldini, Argentina – (January 2013) – Specializing in mining, heavy construction, building, construction, electrical infrastructure, bridges, industrial buildings with and without overhead cranes and shopping centers, the company Ferma SA (, operates a modern industrial production facility equipped with CNC equipment originating in Italy and USA. Ferma SA has a production capacity exceeding 700 TT […]

Fiat Auto Argentina Acquires New Shotblasting Equipment CAB 8×10 2 TR 20HP

Soldini, Argentina – (March 2010) – Due to the need to optimize the cleaning process of gears and primary/secondary shafts of the tramsmission, the firm Fiat Auto Argentina, has recently acquired for their FPT Powertrain Technologies plant, in the city of Cordoba, Argentina, a suspended hook shotblasting system, model CAB 8×10 2 TR 20HP, designed […]

Izquierdo & Casafranca Acquires Blast Cleaning equipment for Structures of 1500 x 1500

Soldini, Argentina – (march 2010) – Izquierdo & Casafranca Construcciones Metálicas S.A (, is a company that has been manufacturing and assembling structural steel members in various configurations for over 20 years. I&C has asked CYM MATERIALES S.A., to make an automatic shotblasting system, that will improve the quality and finish of their material as […]

Scania Argentina Acquires New Equipments For Performing Double Shot Peening In Truck’s Gear Boxes

Soldini, Argentina –  (July 2007) – Scania the world wide leader in the manufacture of heavy vehicles, has recently installed in its plant in the province of Tucuman, Argentina, two new equipments of Shot Peening of last generation, totally designed and produced by Cym Materiales SA. Since the year 1987 the company Scania Argentina has […]

Structure Blast Cleaning Machine for Esmetal S.A.C – Peru

Soldini, Argentina – (May 2007) – ESMETAL S.A.C., a metal mechanic Peruvian company, leader in the manufacturing of large steel structures, entrusted to CYM MATERIALES S.A. the building of an automatic shotblasting equipment that would allow to process their whole production. Esmetal S.A.C. already had a CYM shotblasting equipment for profiles and structures of small […]

Cym Materiales announce a new commercial agreement with Wire Lab Company – WILCO

Soldini Argentina ( mayo 2005) -Cym Materiales is pleased to announce a new commercial agreement with Wire Lab Company (WILCO) from U.S.A, to extend the range of mechanical descaling equipment for the steel wire industry. Mechanical descaling has gained wide acceptance in the wire industry because this process allows the elimination of hazardous chemical cleaning. […]

Macrogas Colombia acquires plant equipment requalification of CNG cylinders, CNG, NGV, NGV

Soldini Argentina (July 2005) – The MACROGAS company which is dedicated to the conversion of vehicles from gasoline to compressed natural gas CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and NGV (Natural Gas Vehicles), recently installed a modern facility for the periodic review of CNG cylinders in the town of […]

Aceros Industriales SA replaces chemical pickling process with Cym shot blasting machinery

Soldini Argentina (November 2004) – The company Aceros Industriales SA, a manufacturer of precision wire, has recently installed four modern Cym Materiales S.A. shot blasting machines for rods and bars in the town of Medellin, Colombia. The need to invest in the Cym shot blasters emerged out of a company management initiative to eliminate chemical […]

Blasting Room for RLAM- PETROBRAS. (Brasil)

Campinas Brasil (Octubre 2004) -Cym Materials has recently installed a modern blasting room for the RLAM oil refinery of Petrobras company in Bahia, Brazil. The equipment uses recyclable abrasives, reducing production costs. This not only helps to preserve the environment but also helps to provide comfort and protection for the workers. The idea of installing […]

Blasting Test in REPLAN-PETROBRAS Refinery.

Paulinas Brasil (Agosto 2004) – In Replan, the biggest refinery of the Petrobras Company, located in Paulinas- SP., Brazil, a blasting test over the walls of Nº 4311 tank was made with model GPV-30 portable machine. The test proved the machine’s excellent performance and some of Replan staff congratulated Metal Cym’s team on its outcome: “We […]